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Soul Sense

by Adrienne Arlen Duffy

Adrienne Arlen Duffy’s second book is based on putting a name, conscious intent, and practice to soul-full living.

Soul Sense can be thought of as common sense seasoned with the sixth sense. It is what you know as good, and right, and just in your personal and professional lives, while embracing the powers of intuition that transcend such definitions. Soul Sense is logical and instinctual, practical and untamed. Developing Soul Sense is a doorway to living your life with elevated consciousness and accountability.

Soul Sense spurred the creation of The Nexus Project—where we combine the outward focus of our successful Moon Project  with an inward focus of Soul Sense.

We believe it is time to take charge of our future and realign our actions to our soul, our inner calling. Only then will we be able to realize our true direction and pursue it with confidence. It’s time to live the life that was meant for all of us.

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The Soul Sense Movement

Through all of the people, in the hundreds of workshops Big Futures has facilitated, one message has emerged universally over others:

“We want something in addition to the achievement of goals and results. We are people who aim high and take risks, but we also long to have meaning, live from the highest values and to be grounded

How can we create a more centered, purposeful life and workspace, in this era of constant change, chaos, and minute-by-minute progress?”

There’s a shift happening, a movement of people seeking a better way of life.

Every day you’re faced with an increasing amount of distractions; pulled in so many directions at once, you try to live up to expectations and deliver at every turn. More exhausted and worn down than ever, you cope by switching to autopilot and ultimately distancing yourselves from the passions in your life. You grind away, checking boxes, merely arriving at your next commitment. The result is a feeling of listlessness where you question your purpose, your direction, and what you can do to feel fulfilled.

This steady movement impersonates progress, but it feels empty. There’s a lack of accountability to your soul, your true calling. You need more from life, but where do you even start?

To combat the dulling down of your soul you must awaken yourself and realize your true potential. You must curb the erosion of your best self and actively pursue real growth. This takes consciousness and courage.

It takes Soul Sense.

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