Living the Point of Integrity.

The Nexus Project is a carefully crafted program that reframes growth for individuals and organizations. The Nexus Project works to balance the integrity of inward-focused growth and outward-focused growth with the overall goal of cultivating sustainable and fulfilling success.

While the program focuses on the overall balance of ingrowth and outgrowth, program curriculum is developed based on an assessment of where the individual or organization currently sits in its integrity and relative balance or unbalance.

Why the Nexus Project?

During our work in the Moon Project we noticed that individuals and organizations are often “burning out” before ever reaching their outward goals.

That is why we created the Nexus Project.

We all have passions and aspects that energize us, that make us feel like we are living our true purpose, but most of us have either been told to ignore or deprioritize these.

To balance the energy and vision required for our outward goals we need to look inward and cultivate those “true purpose” aspects of ourselves to bolster our mental, spiritual, emotional, and creative energy.

We see this as experiencing the integrity or strength that comes from working to balance inward-focused growth with our outward-focused growth and when we experience integrity, we learn, grow, and lead differently. We build strength and sustainability within ourselves and in our organizations.