Runway 22

Welcome to Runway 22™!

Welcome to Runway 22™!

Welcome to the launch of the Classic Rock Band Runway 22™! We have already produced a start-up EP and have gotten some excellent feedback on 3 of our originals songs! As a result, a full album is currently being worked on with an anticipated release by December 2018. If you wish to get a seat and boarding pass for the album let us know and will keep you in the loop!

Currently, the band is concentrating all our efforts on the album; but we will let folks know through our upcoming new social media and website any news or when we are playing live gigs. My intention is to write a monthly blog regarding Runway 22™ so you are welcome to come back to hear more and see our dream grow!

Why Runway 22™?

The purpose of starting the band came from an idea I had while travelling Ireland in 2015. I had a question burning in my mind of “where can people connect with a wellspring of energy different from the usual forms?” I had just started playing guitar at that point and noticed that almost everyone in Ireland played an instrument, sang or danced (think Irish dancers) almost everywhere we went. So I decided… and took a chance… to play in Galway Square in the city Galway for a few hours waiting for our tour bus. No one died and neither did I so I kept on dream’ in. However, the real spark for Runway 22™ occurred several nights later while sitting in an old Irish joint in Inis Mor (think famous Aran Island Irish wool sweaters) called Joe Watty’s Bar. It was there upon hearing a local guitar and singer named Locko that I got it – you got to open a different door to get a different source of energy! So I made a commitment that night to follow what Adrienne calls my own Soul Sense™…. in this case my Soul’s Call… and everything has moved forward from that point.

The concept of Runway 22™ came from an observation I’ve made; that some of the most powerful moments in our lives occur at beginnings and endings; and the energy and meaning that surges up when new doors open and old doors close. The actual name Runway 22™ came to me while on a plane I was “waiting” to depart on as it sat on a tarmac in early 2017. The energy play between the “departure” door closing and the anticipated “arrival” door opening …. And the waiting, learning and dreaming between them…really caught my imagination at that point. Hence Runway 22™!

I believe the root of the name Runway 22™ informs the music itself. Runway 22’s™ musical passion – and the conversations I hope it inspires – is about creating songs surrounding life’s crossroads and runways  – points of arrival and departure – and what we experience and choose in those moments in time. Such moments often call us out to feel and speak from inner spaces within our hearts and minds; connecting soulful dots that might otherwise drift away. Through the longest journeys, we arrive and depart at many gates; found and lost love; discovered and discarded dreams; possibilities and limits; dark and light; past and future; birth and death. Whatever the gates are, and whomever attends, they all beckon us to repeatedly re-imagine and re-state the truth and purpose of our passions and dreams for the next leg of our long journey home!

We will continue to integrate Runway 22™ in the next year into Big Futures Inc. and Soul Sense™ initiatives through live music events and integration into our transformational workshops and client projects.

As a band and through our songs, we will continuously invite you to ask yourself as well as others, “Where do you still want to go in life and what are you willing to leave behind?” Meet you at the gate; see you at Runway 22™!

If you would like to contact me, regarding the band, hiring us for gigs, or just general inquires, feel free to send me a note:


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